Child Custody

Litigation involving children is arguably the most stressful and emotionally charged litigation a parent, grandparent or other caregiver of a child can be roped into. It is important to keep your child's best interest in full focus at all times. Child custody issues are typically handled during a suit for divorce, however an original suit affecting the parent child relationship may be filed even if the parties aren’t married or if the father’s paternity or other parent's parentage is in question.
From the very beginning of the process, we will go over your goals and all the options available to you to help determine the best route to achieve your desired result, all while keeping your child's best interest as a top priority.
Ideally, parents would be able to work out a custody situation that fits everyone’s schedule, however this does not happen very often. Most child custody cases end up with the parties agreeing to Standard Possession Order, which is set out in the Texas Family Code.  This can either be in a regular standard form or an expanded form.
If the issue of custody is contested, it may be decided by trial judge or a jury. Leaving your child’s future in the hands of a judge or jury can be a frightening. Typically, parents are happier if they can create their own deal and make an agreement that works for their specific needs, however a trial is always an option.

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