Modification of Court Orders

There is an old saying that family law orders are written in sand. If you stick around a while, you will find out the meaning behind the saying is because families change; more specifically, if there is a material and substantial change in the circumstances of either parent or the child and the requested change is proven to be in the best interest of the child, then a person is entitled to a modification of their prior court order.
One can easily see why family law orders have to be modifiable. Children grow up, parents get re-married, change jobs, re-locate (if the are allowed), parents lose jobs, children develop issues over the years as they begin to mature - there are a slew of things that can occur that may constitute a material and substantial change in circumstances of the parties.
Is it time to modify your family law order? Come in for a consultation and we can discuss all of the options available to you under the Texas Family Code. There are limitations, so it is importation to contact an experienced family law specialist about your modification case.

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