Sonya Wright

Sonya got her start working as an attorney specializing in Family Law in Fort Worth, Texas. After 6 years of practice, she relocated to Burnet County, Texas where she maintains a private practice which is exclusive to Family Law. Throughout her practice, Sonya has helped many clients through some of the most difficult and emotionally challenging times in their lives by providing a way to work outside of the litigation system and to amicably settle their family law disputes.

Sonya's private law practice is exclusive to family matters, including marriage dissolution, division of assets and allocation of debts, the handling all child support matters, creative visitation schedules and child custody arrangements.

Sonya's experience in family law goes beyond the family law practice. As a child of divorced parents, she realizes the importance of putting the needs and best interest of a child first, all while still maintaining a balance between both parents. In addition, Sonya is a mother to a young son and she peacefully co-parents with his father.  Having been a litigant in a family law case, Sonya certainly understands the emotional, psychological and financial toll that prolonged litigation can take on a family while going through a family law case.

Mediation provides families the opportunity to stay out of the courtroom, avoiding further distress and deterioration of relationships. Additionally, mediation can alleviate unnecessary financial stress to the families, as well as the fear of the unknown.

“The entire legal profession… has become so mesmerized with the stimulation of the courtroom contest, that we tend to forget that we ought to be healers of conflict… trial by adversarial contest must in time go the way of the ancient trial by battle and blood… our system has become too costly, too painful, too destructive, too inefficient for truly civilized people.”

— Chief Justice Warren Burger,

Excerpt from the 1984 “The State of Justice” speech