Although it may be hard to believe, not all family law cases are contested and antagonistic. In Texas, the law allows two parents to agree on orders that are in the best interest of their child. The law also allows two divorcing spouses to agree on what they believe is a just and right division of their estate.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an uncontested matter? A case is uncontested if the parties are in total agreement on all terms.

Can the an attorney represent both parents/parties? No. In Texas, an attorney cannot represent both parties. However, if the parties agree, the attorney for one party may draft the final orders for both parties to review and sign.

Is a partial agreement considered uncontested? No. A partial agreement means that there are unresolved issues which may require court intervention to resolve. Therefore, this would not be considered uncontested.

Common Items to Consider in an Uncontested Matter:

  1. Who will have primary conservatorship of the child (i.e., which parent will the child primarily reside with)?
  2. Which parent will pay child support?
  3. What will visitation look like?
  4. Who will make medical, educational and psychological decisions for the child?
  5. Will the child be required reside in a certain geographic location?
  6. Division of all assets and debts.
  7. Whether either spouse will receive spousal support?